Teens HELP is a teen pregnancy prevention and sexual health education program. This program is designed to create a network of people of all ages who want to make sure youth reach their full potential. Since its start in 2011, Teens HELP has positioned youth as the primary agents of change. We believe everyone has a role to play in helping youth make healthy decisions, and through youth empowerment we have developed strategies that work for youth..

We use a combination of North Country ingenuity and current technology to serve the largest rural territory with limited grant funding. In addition to our sexual health education program and community work to increase teen access to sexual health care, Teens HELP also runs Asset Building Clubs throughout the 3 county region. Clubs run for 6 months and include a service learning project. Asset Building Clubs run under the direction of our Youth Development Specialists. 

  • Mission: To reduce the challenges of teen pregnancy and help teens of St. Lawrence, Lewis, and Jefferson Counties make healthy sexual decisions
  • Funding: Supported through the New York State Department of Health Comprehensive Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (NYSDOH CAPP) Grant.


Confidential Reproductive Health Care is Available to Teens

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In the North Country, Planned Parenthood has provided confidential care to teens for decades. They have payment options for you too. Enter your Zip code here to find the clinic nearest to you.

New York State law allows minors to consent to confidential reproductive health care. That means your doctor MAY treat you without notifying or asking permission of your parent or legal guardian.

The law does not require any provider to agree to this confidentiality. The only way you know that your clinic will keep your treatment confidential is to ASK them. If they agree to treat you without your parents and later notify your parents, that would be a violation of the law.

If your clinic agrees to see you confidentially and you use your parents’ insurance, the insurance company will notify your parents that you used their insurance and the location and date. This is not controlled by your clinic. It is not a violation of confidentiality. If you cannot use your parents’ insurance, ask your clinic if they have other ways for you to pay for the services like cash, sliding fee cash payments, or a government program you can sign up for



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Privacy Statement

Teens HELP at the Health Initiative does not collect data about the users of our app for any purpose other than to return results you request. We do not retain anything that would personally identify you or your location.

We give you the option to voluntarily provide your age, gender, and zip code for the purposes of better understanding how well we are connecting with the youth we serve in St. Lawrence, Lewis, and Jefferson Counties.

Your GIS location is not tracked or retained. We use your location only to show you where you can find nearby services.

We do not collect phone identification of users who download the app or submit questions except in cases of immediate danger. Threats of harm will be handled by law enforcement and will use all available information.