The Health Initiative


Learn about the ways you can help support the Health Initiative.

We have three great ways to support the Health Initiative that won't cost you a penny! Sound good? Read on...


When you enter the website through any of the links (in the menu bar on the right) on our site and make a purchase, Amazon will donate 3%-5% of your total purchase to the Health Initiative. Last year we received over $1000 from Amazon thanks to our visitors using the click-through links.


When you use Goodshop as your search engine the Health Initiative earns $.01 for each search. Now, a penny might not sound like much but it really adds up. If 100 people complete 5 searches a day, the Health Initiative will get $1,825 per year! So when you search, make it a Goodshop!
Here's how to get started:

  • Click here to go to the goodshop website.
  • Under "Who Do You Goodshop For?", type in St. Lawrence County Health Initiative
  • Make Goodshop your homepage
  • Make your searches as usual
  • Don't forget to tell family and friends!

Eco Phones

 Recycling of Consumer Electronics - Cell Phones • Ink Jet Cartridges • Digital Cameras & Video Cameras • MP3 Players

How this works - you drop off items from the above list at our office (they do not have to work) and when we get a box full we mail them to Ecophones.  Two-three weeks later, Ecophones sends us a check!  It's that easy!  We would be happy to pick up large numbers of items from one location.

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